Redeemer Sends MORE Than Its 1%

Back in early spring, each church in Redeemer’s denomination was challenged to send 1% of its congregation overseas into full-time ministry:

Mission to the World is challenging every PCA church to commit to praying that God would raise up 1 percent of their members to become new missionaries serving internationally within the next decade. It’s a big vision, but we believe that Christ has called us to build for His kingdom with boldness, and we believe that we serve a powerful God who answers prayer, even prayers as audacious as this.

At last count, there were 287,746 members in the PCA. If every church sent just one out of every hundred of their members, that would mean nearly 2900 new missionaries sent out to preach the good news of the gospel to a world that needs to hear it. How many new churches could be planted by those new missionaries? How many new pastors could be trained? How many people transformed by the love and hope of Christ?

One percent of Redeemer would be three people, and it is joyful yet bittersweet news that the Lord has raised up three families to go abroad: the Hunts, Bouchillons, and Carsten. As a family on mission together we are thrilled to send them out to influence the world with the gospel, yet sad to know we won’t have them worshiping with us here in Charleston.

We want to send off these families well, along with Jim and Margaret Belton who have been home for a one-month furlough and will be leaving for the Philippines. As each family only has one or two Sundays left with us, the Missions Committee would like to invite you to come say goodbye to these family members at a drop-in reception in the Fellowship Hall following the service this Sunday, June 24. Light snacks will be provided. Come take advantage of the opportunity to give a hug and word of encouragement as we send off these four families!