A Letter to the Editor in the Post and Courier

Save the church   July 1, 2012

I am not a parishioner ofSt. AndrewsLutheranChurch, formerly at at43 Wentworth St. I am not a parishioner of Redeemer Presbyterian, now worshiping there. However, as a member of several historic organizations, I think preserving the integrity of our culture and heritage is of the utmost importance. It is what makesCharlestonappealing to locals and visitors.

It concerns me that an individual can purchase a historic church like this, which is being used for its original intent as a house of worship, and convert it into a home.  Destroying the interiors of any churches for remodeling into private residences is really appalling.

It is fortunate that years ago when theHuguenotChurchwas inactive, no one had the desire to “save” the building by turning it into a private residence. It is now a thriving church, and a piece of history has been preserved for future generations.

Cheryl Coleman     Bampfield Drive         Mount Pleasant

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