Means of Grace | New Sermon Series Starts Sunday, June 6

Many people wonder where God is these days. They say He appears to have gone missing—to have abandoned our pandemic world and our country that is riddled with protests and violence and a stunning, free-fall plummet of morality. Where is God? Maybe you have asked that question as well. Maybe you have a longing Continue Reading

Latest Letter from Craig from March 22, 2020

Hello, Redeemer. Wow! What a week! Last week we were wondering IF we should cancel church. One week later we can’t believe it was even a question. Our emotions are everywhere. Everyday brings more serious reports about the spread and the effects of COVID-19. At the beginning of the week, Kathy and I were hosting Continue Reading


They have my email address out there. They do. And they know I’m a pastor. Everyday my inbox contains promotions for all things church related. You need church furniture? I can get it for you. Church equipment?  Choir robes? Nursery furniture for church? Music for church? Welcome kits for church? Toilet paper for church (oh yes, its true–though Continue Reading