What’s Happening with Our Buildings?

Our church has been worshiping in its current location of 43 Wentworth St. for over five years, thanks to the generosity of the aging congregation of St. Andrews Lutheran Church who vacated the building to join a West Ashley congregation.

They have been actively looking for someone to purchase the property, planning to use the proceeds of the sale to support additions at their new church. For over five years, the sale price of the church has been over $4 million. We were not interested in purchasing at that price. We learned very recently that the price has been dropped dramatically to a price that, with donations and creative financing, we believe we can afford. We learned of the price drop after a potential buyer made her intentions known to purchase the church. Her plans are to make the sanctuary into her private residence and carve out two residences and two businesses in the educational building.

Whether we stay or move, we hate to see this wonderful church–which provides not only a Gospel presence but meets many other needs within the community–be privatized and no longer a public house of worship. Therefore, we made an offer to the St. Andrews congregation to purchase the church. We are waiting to hear back from them. If the Lutherans accept our offer, we will need to quickly raise funds to pay for it. Because of the younger age of our members, some of the funding must come from outside of our immediate congregation. We have been much encouraged by several devoted former St. Andrews Lutheran members and other Christians downtown, who also wish to see a Gospel presence remain in these wonderful old church buildings. We are confident in the Lord’s provision for our congregation and are content to move or to stay, whatever He wills.

To get more information or make a donation, contact Beth Plante.

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