Chrismon-Making Event Draws Kids and Crafters

Families and crafters gathered at Redeemer this past Saturday, November 23 to make the meaningful, symbolic ornaments called chrismons that will decorate our Christmas tree. After using borrowed chrismons for the past six years, we decided it was high time to make our own ornaments. But who knows how to make chrismons?

Enter some dear women from Advent Lutheran who were friendly and knowledgeable about all things chrismon. These dear women were instrumental in helping our church purchase our buildings, and they knew we’d need help creating our own chrismon collection. Not only did they share their knowledge of symbolic ornaments, but they also brought a bunch of their extra chrismons to help fill out our tree.

This kid-friendly event attracted lots of little hands wanting to dig in to the glue, glitter, and sequins.

A special thanks to Addo, Redeemer’s ministry to the arts community, for organizing this event!