Our Weekly Email Newsletter

At Redeemer Presbyterian Church in Charleston, SC, we communicate vital information each week in an easy-to-read, concise email that lands in your inbox on Tuesday afternoons. Stay connected and informed during the week by subscribing below to The Tuesday Blast.

The Tuesday Blast includes Prayer Requests, Upcoming Events, Specific Needs, and more that we hope you’ll share and discuss in your community groups each week. As we seek to be a family on mission together, we want to be praying for, talking about, and participating in the good things God is doing through Redeemer throughout the Charleston area.

Using the link below, view the current edition of The Tuesday Blast beside the date it was published.

If you have an announcement about an event or opportunity for our church family that you’d like included in The Tuesday Blast or if you’d like to subscribe to our weekly publication, then contact Gray Morgan.