Fear vs. Hope | Sermon, Dec. 2

Redeemer Presbyterian Church, Charleston, SCLast Sunday, December 2 our senior pastor at Redeemer Presbyterian Church in Charleston, SC, moved to the book of Isaiah for the Advent season. He focused today on Isaiah 42:1-4 to look at how we should look to Christ as God’s antidote for our fears.

Fearfulness is part of being human because so many circumstances in our lives are beyond our control. So what does God say about fear? Looking back at chapter 41, Pastor Craig pointed out that we should live as people of faith because we are part of a story that includes a servant who is coming. Those who don’t have God and His Messiah at the center of their lives have only fear and no hope. But those of us who invite God into our fears and make Christ part of the conversation about them understand that we have a hope that is found in Him.

Not until our faith is challenged to the point of crisis in the face of our fear will we know how real our faith is and how mighty and comforting and wise and powerful Christ is. When we bring the Lord into our fear and crisis, He doesn’t reject us, but He will require us to look at Him and draw rightful conclusions about our fears when they are juxtaposed to Him and His power and hope. And chances are, we will see in Christ something we hadn’t known about Him before when we brought him into our battle with fear. Such a simple concept, yet so true. Listen to the whole sermon here.