For Sunday, July 21

Join us this Sunday, July 21 at Redeemer Presbyterian Church in Charleston, SC, at 10:30 am for our one worship service in our sanctuary at 43 Wentworth St. (Our Equip Hour classes will resume in the fall.)

If you’re new, start here for worship info. Rev. Howard Cole will preach this Sunday from Jonah 3.

Below is our electronic bulletin, viewable on smart phones and tablets. We do offer paper bulletins and LARGE PRINT editions as well.

>> Check out The Tuesday Blast for last week titled Tuesday Blast: Summer Edition Week 7 which includes includes Prayer Requests, Upcoming Events, Specific Needs, and more that we hope you’ll share and discuss in your community groups each week. As we seek to be a family on mission together, we want to be praying for, talking about, and participating in the good things God is doing through Redeemer throughout the Charleston area. Subscribe to this weekly publication here.

If you’re new or visiting, welcome to Charleston and Redeemer! We hope you’ll join us, and be sure to check out our details for Sunday worship including important information about parking.