For this Sunday, Apr. 30

Redeemer Presbyterian Church, St. John's Reformed Episcopal Church, Charleston, SCWe’re excited to join our neighbors at St. John’s Reformed Episcopal Church tomorrow Sunday, April 30 at a SPECIAL START TIME OF 10 AM. St. John’s at 91 Anson St. is a five-minute walk from Redeemer.

Here are a few details you may need to know:

  • Our nurseries at 43 Wentworth St. will be available for children ages three and under, and our security team volunteer will remain at Redeemer all morning.
  • There are no Christian-ed. classes and no Children’s Worship; all children are welcome in the joint worship service!
  • Our parking lots and garage will be available as usual, and as you leave the service, a Redeemer deacon will be handing out Redeemer bulletins that will allow your exit of the garage for free.
  • For tithes and offerings given while at St. John’s, please use Redeemer-labeled envelopes that we’ll provide on Sunday morning for any cash you’re wanting to give to Redeemer.
Our choirs are planning some special music together for the service; Rev. Willie Hill will lead the worship, and our senior pastor Craig Bailey will preach. Join us for worship–across cultures, races, and denominations!
If you’re new or visiting, welcome to Charleston and Redeemer! We hope you’ll join us, and be sure to check out our details for Sunday worship including important information about parking.