For this Sunday, Feb. 16

Redeemer's wrought iron gates and red doorsJoin us tomorrow, February 16 for our Christian-Ed. hour beginning at 9:15 am where the adults are studying Romans. To help prepare yourselves and your families, here’s our song list with the lyrics for this Sunday.

Our senior pastor Craig Bailey will be back in the pulpit, and we’ll hear the Word preached from Deuteronomy 6. Here’s the introduction to our Deuteronomy series as a refresher:

We as a church continue to rejoice in God’s goodness to us in providing a home for us at 43 Wentworth St. This is the “land” in which God has placed us. From this land we are to be a Gospel presence and live as believers in the One True God in the midst of a culture and people who may not believe in Him. We dwell among people who serve gods, idols, and ideologies of their own. God provided His people with His word, so they would know how to live in the land among people who did not share their beliefs; so that according to the promise He made to Abraham, they could be a blessing to all the peoples on the earth. Just like the ancient Israelites, we will learn from this book’s timeless truths how we must act and think and live if we are to withstand the temptations and dangers of our culture. As we study this Old Testament book in light of the person and work of Christ, we too will be prepared to “live in the land” in a way that brings glory to God and is a blessing to those around us.

Listen to other sermons in the Deuteronomy series, and subscribe to our podcast. We look forward to worshiping with you this Sunday! If you’re new, be sure to check out our details for Sunday worship.