Grace & Peace | Sermon, Jan. 6

Redeemer Presbyterian Church, Charleston, SC

Our senior pastor at Redeemer Presbyterian Church in Charleston, SC, began the New Year in Romans 5:1-2, asking us: who will we resolve to be in 2019? what will Redeemer be and do in 2019? He challenged us to be at-peace people who stand in grace. Grace and peace must be part of all our being and doing. Listen to the whole sermon here.

**Edit: Pastor Craig mistakenly references “The Gospel Project” in this sermon recording, but he should have said The Bible Project. We use both resources at Redeemer.

The Bible Project | Visual Storytelling Meets The Bible

The Gospel Project | Christ-Centered, Chronological Bible Studies for All Ages, the curriculum we use for our adults and children during our Equip Hour.