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The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective.  James 5:16

Great news from the City Council meeting this evening!  We did not have to bring the church-zoning issue to a vote, because Nancy Snowden agreed to step back to give us some time to raise funds to purchase the church. And Mayor Riley will be helping–which is huge! He spoke eloquently about the church and how important it is to keep it in its current use for generations to come.

The agreement to delay the vote came late today, and we tried to catch you before you were heading to City Hall, but I know we missed some of you. Sorry.

We expect to kick off the city-wide fundraising campaign later this week. And will be working out the timeframe in which to raise funds (probably 90 days) with the Lutherans. With the Mayor’s help, we can succeed!

Thank you all for your fervent prayers, emails, and calls to our city’s leaders. They made all the difference!


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