Lutheran Church Rejects our Offer

Whether we stay or move, we hate to see this wonderful pre-civil war church–which provides not only a Gospel presence, but meets many other needs within the community–be privatized and no longer a public house of worship.  After our first offer was declined, the private buyer said they were signing a contract within the week, so made a second offer to match their purchase price of $1.6 million, with a 90-120 day period to allow us to secure funding, some of which would have to come from outside our immediate congregation.  The Lutherans declined to accept our offer and our request to meet with them to discuss how we might make something work.  We still have a three day right of first refusal,  just before the property sells.

So, unless something changes, if we are to purchase and preserve this church, we will need to quickly raise funds to pay for it. We know that because of the younger age of our members, some of the funding must come from outside of our immediate congregation.  If you are interested in working on a team to help raise funds, please contact Beth Plante.

We are confident in the Lord’s provision for our congregation and are content to move or stay, whatever He wills.

Please keep this issue in your prayers.


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