Made in God’s Image | RK Recap, Aug. 16

Redeemer Presbyterian Church, Charleston, SC, preschool, elementaryThis week the Elementary students attended the missions breakfast and heard from Leah, one of Redeemer’s missionaries. The preschool students reviewed questions 16-22 of the Catechism. They learned about how Adam and Eve, and all humans, were made in God’s image and were created with souls that are designed to worship God and last forever. Our souls are what set us apart from all the other animals. They learned that before Adam and Eve sinned, they were created holy and happy.

16. Who were our first parents?  Adam and Eve.
17. How did God create man?  God created man, male and female, after his own image.
18. Of what were our first parents made?  God made Adam’s body out of the ground and Eve’s body out of a rib from Adam.
19. What else did God give Adam and Eve besides bodies?  He gave them souls that will last forever.
20. Do you have a soul as well as a body?  Yes. And my soul is going to last forever.
21. How do you know your soul will last forever?  Because the Bible tells me so.
22. In what condition did God made Adam and Eve?  He made them holy and happy.

The kids also worked on memorizing the last verse of Psalm 100.

Psalm 100:5
For the Lord is good and his love endures forever;
his faithfulness continues through all generations.