Men’s Breakfast in Dec. | “A Better You for Christmas!

Men! Give your family, friends, and co-workers a great gift for Christmas this year: a better you! When Scripture and the Holy Spirit come together, real transformation takes place in us–especially when they come together in community. Change does come. We can become better than we are. When that happens, everyone around us benefits and is blessed.

Since we are convinced this is the way God brings about change, we are going to come together on the first three Wednesday mornings of December (5,12,19) from 6:30-7:30 in the church Fellowship Hall for a hot breakfast (think eggs, crispy bacon, buttery biscuits, hot coffee, etc.) and time together in Colossians 3 (think “new life,” “new self,” “alive in Christ”).

We want to have enough food for everyone, so if you plan to be a part of this transformational time, please email Craig and say, “I’m in for change!” If you have friends seeking change, bring them along.