Mercy: Each for the Other | Sermon, Aug. 5

Redeemer Presbyterian Church, Charleston, SCOur senior pastor was back with us this Sunday, August 5 at Redeemer Presbyterian Church in Charleston, SC, and he returned to our beloved Matthew sermon series focusing on Matthew 5:1-7. Though the world encourages an “every man for himself” attitude, in God’s Kingdom it’s each for the other. Since we’ve experienced God’s great mercy, then we must be people of mercy living mercifully.

In verse 7, merciful is an adjective describing people and how we should be when we see others in need, sympathizing and suffering together with them. In Hebrews Jesus is called the merciful High Priest, and this Beatitude describes what Jesus is like and relates to how we feel in the face of others’ needs. Mercy is a verb, and in the Greek language it’s passive, meaning the subject is acted upon as in “have mercy on me.” Desperate people cry out for mercy to be done to them by Jesus; in the Bible we see many examples of desperate people crying out to Jesus who is the only one who can save them or help them in their wretched state.

Do you know God to be merciful? Listen online to the whole sermon.