New Curriculum for Middle, High School Equip Classes

Metro North Church, Redeemer Presbyterian Church, Charleston, SC

Join in the learning, exploring, fun, and fellowship during our Equip Hour at 9:15 on Sunday mornings at Redeemer Presbyterian Church in Charleston, SC. Middle school and high school students enjoy their own classes with curriculum geared especially for their ages and learning styles!

For middle school students:
If our youth are to have a strong structure for future Biblical studies, it is essential they grasp the big picture of God’s one story through redemptive history: how He has revealed himself, how He has chosen a people for Himself, what He is like, and what His purpose is from the creation of the world until the end of history.

The G2R Bible Survey (Genesis to Revelation) explores the what, where, and when of God’s revelation. This method prepares our students to delve deeper when they are teens into the why and how through the lens of the covenant—God’s promise that “He is our God and we are His people.” Pray that our students will discover the joy of being called to be a part of this grand narrative of redemption.

The method of teaching and learning in G2R Bible Survey is different than at younger ages. The emphasis is on studying through observation, interpretation, and application of Scripture, enlightened by the Holy Spirit and guided by the teacher. In G2R Bible Survey, interactive discovery takes center stage as preteens and young teens read the Scriptures for themselves, answer open-ended questions, and use other methods to dig into God’s Word. They learn how to use Bible study skills in a passage of Scripture, such as underlining key and repeated words, making lists of what they learn about God and themselves, and much more.

For high school students and recent graduates:
Students often ask, “How does the Bible apply to my life? How can I live out what I believe? So what difference does faith in Christ make?”  The question “So What?” captures in a nutshell this series’ primary purpose: that God the Holy Spirit will work through the study of His Word to bring about students’ ownership of their faith in Jesus Christ.

A good question has remarkable power to stimulate and engage critical thinking skills. Each session of So What? zeros in on one question and one answer, allowing students to focus on the truth in Scripture. By asking questions during the study of Scripture, the students discover answers from Bible.

In September the high school class will examine Identity and Purpose, using Genesis 1-3 to deal with hard, profound questions about life—questions that need God’s answers. Some of the essential issues that the older youth will examine this quarter will include how they are made in God’s image, vocation, marriage, sex, Sabbath, sin, the promise of a Redeemer, and more.