Pastor Song’s Fall Reading List

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With the time that we’ve been given at home, it’s a chance to get reading and grow in grace through the wisdom that God has placed in front of us with gifted writers and authors. Sometimes I am asked by congregation members, “What are you reading lately?” Of course, if you are not reading the Bible on a regular basis, start there before diving into any other book. 

But if you are reading Scripture and wanting to grow more, here are some of the books that I plan on reading through this fall season, and I’d love to sit and chat with you about them.

Devotional Books

God’s Pursuit of Man – A.W. Tozer

A self-taught theologian and pastor, Tozer’s impact on American evangelicalism is widely known for his way of capturing the heart of a believer who is fully set on things above. This book is a prequel to his famous Man’s Pursuit of God, and it’s one that captures the heart and character of God and His affections for his people


Recovering from Biblical Manhood and Womanhood – Aimee Byrd

Aimee Byrd is a champion defender of complementarianism (and current OPC church member), and she has tried to capture the essence of how the church can remain faithful to its biblical convictions on manhood and womanhood, while critiquing how the culture has invaded the church with false ideas of chauvinism.

Renewal as a Way of Life – Richard F. Lovelace

I’m re-reading this book that I read in auditing a class for seminary, and I fell in love with the presentation of how we should “spiritually grow.” Lovelace speaks of the dynamics of spiritual death and the dynamics of spiritual life, and how it plays out both individually and corporately in the person.


Making Sense of God – Tim Keller

Keller’s long-awaited prequel to the best-selling Reason for God, his approach here is designed for skeptics who wonder the need for religion at all. Whereas Keller’s first book is designed to deal with the hard Christians surrounding Christianity, Making Sense is about trying to convince the skeptic that religion has any value at all.

Love Thy Body – Nancy Pearcey

Nancy Pearcey’s latest contribution deals with the philosophical and intellectual inconsistencies that surround the current sexual revolution, and how we should think through these issues from a Gospel-Centered worldview. Transgenderism, abortion, and homosexuality are all addressed and examined.


For a Continuing Church – Sean Michael Lucas

Pastor, historian, and leading figure in the PCA, Sean Michael Lewis has detailed the history of our denomination, the victories and pains of its past, and a way forward for our denomination to continue to minister for its future. 

Charleston! Charleston! – Walter Frazer

Considering my three decades living in Maryland, I am in much need of a primer of the importance of Charleston, not just in American history, but on the world at large. This book has often been cited as the most comprehensive and thorough, and I’m enjoying the early sections as so many of its parallels finds its way into the story of Charleston today.

All Are Welcome – General Editor Leon Brown

Essays on how the Kingdom of God looks diverse in America today, and how we as Christians can biblically think through how the church is ready to tackle the challenges ahead. Issues such as racial reconciliation, ESL programs, the issues of assimilation and inclusion, and 21st century Gospel Missions are all addressed.