Recommended: Beautiful Outlaw

The latest recommendation from a member of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in Charleston, SC, is Beautiful Outlaw by John Eldredge.

This book does a great job of getting through the drab religious dust that seems to gather around Christ, and goes after his actual personality. In our sin and comfort I think we tend toward a Christ that is nice and docile and easy to match. But Eldredge shows us the Jesus that walked twenty-plus miles from town to town, spoke difficult and shocking words to the face of his friends, and one so enraged at the world and yet poised and calm that he went off to fashion his own whip of chords before overturning the tables in the temple. He gives us the Christ that was hunted by the state from his birth, and was often dodging out of towns avoiding his own murder. Eldredge matches the goodness of Jesus with his hard, stark life and piercing personality, and the beauty and poetry of the real Jesus is shown. –Andrew Tsafos

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