Ways to Serve

At Redeemer Presbyterian Church in Charleston, SC, we believe the Lord has created each person “for good works, which God prepared beforehand …” Ephesians 2:10. We offer many opportunities through ministries, committees, teams, and more to serve at Redeemer and throughout our community.

Ways to Serve. Volunteer to Serve

For serving on Sunday mornings and with most of our teams, we use Signup.com to keep all our volunteers organized. If you already know where you want to serve, then sign up for the open spots we currently have for this Sunday and the next few months.

If you would like to hear more about what the mission, various needs, and involvement with one or more of these ministries look like, then please fill out this simple form. Then the leader of that team will contact you to discuss how you can best serve within the body of Christ.

Below we’ve listed and described our current ministries, committees, and teams:

This team assists our staff in the church office with administrative tasks like making copies. We need:

  • volunteers with availability during the week to help with administrative tasks

ADULT EQUIP HOUR – Jared Carlson

This team of men leads and facilitates the adult class each Sunday morning during our Equip Hour. We need:

  • members who want to lead and facilitate the discussion in the Equip class for adults


This newly formed team helps keep our sanctuary looking nice by tending to the ferns, palms, and other plants, decorating for different seasons as necessary, helping straighten up the sanctuary after each service. We need:

  • volunteers who are passionate about maintaining a pleasing look in the sanctuary and can lead this committee
  • volunteers who can assist in keeping our sanctuary looking nice

Our Children’s Committee plans and orchestrates classes during the Equip Hour each week for preschool and elementary kids, where Sunday morning is seen as a celebration and reinforcement of what parents are already teaching at home. Volunteers reinforce this learning in an active group setting with stories, games, and songs. During the sermon each Sunday, preschool children participate in Children’s Worship. The committee also plans special events for our children including Parents’ Night Out events and the Children’s Christmas Celebration. We need:

  • members, who will submit for a background check, to help teach preschoolers during Children’s Worship
  • members, who will submit for a background check, to help with special events

Fred Hudson
Our choir and music team leads the congregation in singing during the worship service each week. They also plan and prepare music for the offertory each Sunday and occasional special music during the worship service. We need:

  • Talented singers interested in leading the congregation through music
  • Talented musicians interested in leading the congregation through music


This team works with the communications director to keep the congregation informed through mailings, our website, and social media. We need:

  • graphic designers to help create images
  • writers to update our Blog

Debbie McDowell
This team prepares communion for the body of Christ prior to the worship service on the first Sunday of each month. We need:

  • volunteers to arrive early to prep the elements and set up for communion

Chris Yates Jarvis
Since community groups are the main ministry of Redeemer outside of Sunday mornings, the Session is always looking to start new groups where they’re needed and wanted. We need:

  • members to host CG weekly gatherings in their home
  • members to lead and facilitate CG Bible studies and discussions

With old buildings like ours, this committee tackles many tasks both big and small from building maintenance to grounds beautification. This hands-on group handles everything from changing light bulbs to assisting with new building projects. We need:

  • volunteers who are knowledgeable about handyman projects, landscaping, building maintenance, etc.

We have many church-wide events and others during the year that require planning, prepping, decorating, serving, and cleaning up afterward. Most events are in our Fellowship Hall. We need:

  • volunteers to help plan events
  • volunteers to decorate and prep for events
  • volunteers to clean up from events

Our kitchen crew works to keep our church kitchen well stocked and organized for events. This committee oversees the use, maintenance, and stocking of the kitchen. We need:

  • volunteers to help shop for supplies
  • volunteers to help keep kitchen organized

MERCY & JUSTICE – William Burk

Our diaconate longs to be working even more in the community to advocate for mercy and justice to the downtrodden. We need:

  • members who are passionate about mercy ministry and advocating for justice in our communities


Our committee works hard to stay connected to our Redeemer-supported missionaries serving around the world, and the committee helps connect our congregation to the missionaries’ ministries through prayer requests and updates on Sunday mornings and quarterly missions breakfasts during our Equip Hour. The committee also organizes missions trips. We need:

  • members who are passionate about missions around the world


We are blessed with many little ones at Redeemer and members are encouraged to volunteer to help with their care in the toddler and infant nurseries on Sunday mornings. Our welcome desk attendants arrive early each week to set up nurseries, welcome new families, and oversee other weekly volunteers. We need:

  • adult and youth members, who will submit to a background check, to serve on Sunday mornings during the Equip Hour and worship service
  • adult members, who will submit to a background check, to serve as the welcome desk attendant on Sunday mornings


Since our church buildings sit so close to the street, we station one of our security team volunteers outside the buildings at all times to help monitor the flow of people from one building to the other and intercept unauthorized people coming off the street. We need:

  • volunteers to stand guard on Sunday mornings and at other special church events

OUND TEAM – Fred Hudson
Our sound techs work behind the scenes to run the sound board for the worship service and record the sermon for publication on our website each week. Team members also assist with setting up sound equipment. We need: 

  • volunteers to monitor the sound board and recording equipment on Sunday mornings during the worship service

WEDDING TEAM – Morgan Brewer

Our beautiful sanctuary and reception hall hold weddings each year for those inside and outside the Redeemer family. Our team helps host these events. We need:

  • members who want to help coordinate and host a wedding or reception at Redeemer

WELCOME TEAM – Gray Morgan

Smiling greeters stand on the portico each Sunday morning handing out bulletins as they welcome everyone to the worship service. Friendly folks who enjoy meeting and talking with new people canvass the sanctuary on Sunday mornings seeking to welcome visitors and newcomers. We need:

  • volunteers to greet and hand out bulletins
  • members to seek out new faces and help welcome and connect them to the body of Christ

YOUTH MINISTRY – Peter Mathias
Our growing group of middle school and high school students enjoy their own Equip classes on Sunday morning, and special youth events help gather the students for fun, fellowship, and food usually each month. We need:

  • members to teach, lead, and facilitate our youth classes on Sunday mornings
  • volunteers to serve as supporting adults in our youth classes on Sunday mornings
  • hosts and helpers for special events

If you would like to hear more about what the mission, various needs, and involvement with one or more of these ministries look like, then please fill out this simple form. Then the leader of that team will contact you to discuss how you can best serve within the body of Christ.

Thank you for coming alongside us to serve the kingdom!