Transcendence of God | Sermon, Nov. 25

Charleston, SCLast Sunday, November 25 guest speaker Rev. David Donovan from Church Creek Presbyterian Church in Charleston, SC, taught from Isaiah 57:15 to prepare us for Advent. He referred to this as the “John 3:16 of the Old Testament” and remarked how the New Testament is a commentary on this one verse.

In this verse, the people of Israel see their power shrinking, their numbers decreasing, and their influence waning. This is analogous to Christians’ place in today’s culture. It leads us to struggle with feeling small, weak and of little influence. But in this verse in Isaiah, God promises that the holy, exalted, eternal God who has everything He needs, is dependent on nothing, nor wrestles with weakness chooses to dwell with the contrite and lowly in spirit. He chose community with his people to revive their hearts and spirit.

The text offers three simple yet profound truths: 1. The utter transcendence of God. 2. This transcendence does not rule out his dwelling with the lowly. 3. He dwells with the lowly because he wants them to share in his transcendence.

God helps us see our smallness, so we can see how amazing it is that He comes and dwells with us that we might dwell with him for all eternity. He came not in strength as a king but revealed his power and splendor by coming in weakness and dependence as a baby. Listen to the entire sermon here.