Uganda Resource Center Dedication Ceremony

Our Redeemer team that traveled to Uganda at the end of December for the dedication ceremony for the Resource Center we’ve been building these last few months.

We’ve been getting JOYFUL messages from the team amazed at God’s continued faithfulness and provision for all the meetings and discussions and details they’re hammering out!

Church! You have no idea how well our meeting just went! God has answered every prayer we’ve been praying for about a mutual understanding and vision for the future of this center for all parties involved! Even random thoughts we discussed on today’s 6-hour drive were suggestions that the bishop brought up, on his own accord, during our meeting! Thank you all SO much for your prayers. They work, and God works!

We just finished the commissioning ceremony and installation of the new vice chancellor of the university on which the center is located! The commissioning was SO beautiful, and everyone is SO appreciative of our sacrificial generosity and of the work the Lord is doing through us! There were hundreds of people there, and in typical Ugandan fashion, the ceremony took over FIVE HOURS. Please know that God is doing huge, amazing things here. Even the fact that the center was completed within 5 months is an accomplishment unheard of in this country and is a testimony to the Lord’s faithfulness.

Hello, congregation! I am in AWE of the work the Lord is doing in the hearts of officials we are meeting with here! …the Lord AGAIN was faithful in setting everything straight and getting us on the same page. The Spirit spoke through Kathy Bailey as she so eloquently and lovingly shared Redeemer’s vision for the center, which does not belong to us but belongs to God and is meant to further His Kingdom beyond this district, this region, and even this country! The impact this center will have and the incredible support it’s receiving can only be credited to Him Who sent us! Thank you for your continued prayer and support.

The first training session EVER at the resource center is underway and began with immense joy!

We made an amazing connection at the session, one that we’d been praying to make for quite some time. This relationship will be a catalyst for propelling discipleship training in the region very quickly! God is always good, but He continues to surprise us with His Work on this trip!

Check out the additional pictures the team has shared!