Worship FIRST at Redeemer


For 2020 at Redeemer Presbyterian Church in Charleston, SC, we’ve changed our Sunday-morning schedule to make our worship service FIRST. Our priority at Redeemer as we’re becoming community in Christ is worship.

Everything we do in worship–from the quieting of our hearts at the beginning of the service, to the being called to worship, to the singing of praises, to the prayer of confession, to the giving of offerings, to the preaching of the word, to the final blessing–ALL is done intentionally to help us worship our great and glorious God.

–Rev. Craig Bailey, senior pastor at Redeemer

So we’ve reoriented our Sundays to have our one worship service be FIRST at 10 am. If you’re new, get all the details here.

Because a sermon is a “one-way street,” people do not have an opportunity to respond or to ask questions such as: “Could you repeat that?” or “What did you mean by that?” or “How is this supposed to impact my life?” or “What are we as a community supposed to do with this?” Equip will provide the immediate opportunity to ask some of those questions and to discuss as a community the particular feature of…[what] was just preached.

–Rev. Craig Bailey, senior pastor at Redeemer


So we offer an informal time during our Equip Hour (following our worship service) for folks to ask questions and to discuss within community what was just preached.

We enjoy hot coffee, some breakfast nibbles, and a fellowship time in our beautiful Fellowship Hall. (Children enjoy snacks in their Equip Hour classes. And we offer a nursery for babies and toddlers as usual.)

For the Equip Hour, adults then break into small discussion groups of 10-12 and discuss the sermon passage and points. A volunteer leads each discussion group through a set of questions meant to help apply the truths of Scripture to our everyday lives. It’s a casual, friendly time to share what the Holy Spirit is teaching you through the sermon. This Equip Hour also allows adults to fellowship and get to know more folks within the Redeemer family.